The purchase process

The purchase process:
a. / products in the left menu bar, be kind to choose the right one,
b. / click on the image you want to order product group, please read the product information and to enlarge the picture
c. / Click here to sign the basket, the next screen rewrite the number of items you want to order more, or to cancel the order,
d. / ha is another product you order, you can click Continue to sign and make purchases there are also those described in b-to-c points,
e. / ha managed to assemble the ordered products, click on the box-office sign,
f. / in, a new customer, then please accurately fill out the registration form and read the delivery and payment terms, if you've purchased from us (and the figures have not changed), you can log in, then click on the further inscription, change the addressing information. A further inscription finalize the order. The prices shown are gross prices. The postage is not always able to accurately add the computer, so it is accurately separate,
g. / then you will receive a confirmation email immediately, it will send you the store's computer system if it does not arrive, you are not good at the order.
Note: If you do not get along with the store complex ordering program, send their orders by e-mail ( The order is due to the complexity of mandated with multiple withdrawal and modification options.
Within one business day, email is what we write you an itemized and total gross price of the products ordered and the amount of shipping cost.
Thank you for your interest.
Lajos Katona