Welcome to the Webshop!
I created the Digital IC Webshop due to the demands of DIGITAL technology.
I thought that many people with similar interests rarely have the opportunity to visit such stores, on the one hand due to lack of time and on the other hand because there are very few such stores. The internet is now available everywhere, with the post office and courier companies delivering the goods everywhere.
Treat yourself to our specialties.
Many modern and old digital integrated circuits, even now, are not easily available, I am trying to replace a few of them,
instead of high prices and high shipping costs, at a solid price.
After prior appointment, it is also possible to choose goods on site.
I wish you a good time and all of our internet users purchase online store.
Thank interests.
Details of small business:
            Name: Lajos Katona
            Owner: Lajos Katona
            ID: 50518265
            VAT number: 67627561-1-29
            Statistical code: 67627561-7312-231-09
            Account number: (K & H Bank) Katona Lajos
            GIRO: 10404247-92436920-01620000  
            IBAN : HU96 1040 4247 9243 6920 0162 0000
            SWIFT/BIC : OKHBHUHB
            Headquarters: 4150 Püspökladány Jókai utca 47
            Phone: +3670/3661300
            The online store is not operates as a general store, there is no opening hours, but after prior consultation with Email Features are also personal purchases.
Lajos Katona