Customer contracts

Customer contracts:
What created this side of the Digital IC Shop Webshop small taxpayer's business (Lajos Katona 4150 Püspökladány Jókai utca 47), hereinafter referred to as webshop, on the other hand, the webshop customers, (hereinafter referred to as the purchaser) who by the website of the webshop goods are mapped out in this contract available were adopted.
The object of the contract: all products in the web shop, as well as sales, purchasing over the Internet.
The article Presentation: The webshop offers all the goods covered by the photographs and the most common materials and dimensions, as well as a gross indication of presents.
Buy: the customer that you order on the Internet one of the articles offered by the webshop, accepted as valid for this in the contract available is itself viewed implicitly states that the article published description awareness, undertake to make a purchase when making a completed registration form to reality appropriate data and accurately completed, and undertakes to pay the purchase price and the cost of delivery is stated
Price: included in the price of certain products made from the website of gross purchase price of the commodity. The amount is stated in the general tax do, however, does not include the cost of delivery.
The webshop undertakes that it operates the website the customer will always see the article genuine and actual purchase price if the price changes as a result of a product gets a new price, it was still the order at the time of valid invoice was a price to the customer.
Deadlines: the webshop assume that the order would be provided within 10 calendar days of receiving.
The purchaser agrees to the purchase price of the ordered item and the cost of shipping the item upon receipt of pay.
in cases of reasonable quality complaints, the purchaser of 14 working days in which to purchase the commodity, returned to the webshop.
Purchase costs: a webshop package will not charge the customer the cost of the purchase price and postage, the separate section as described.
Order Confirmation: the cast of the webshop order has an automatic e-mail is sent to the customer's email address. In the postage it is not yet included.
Then, the webshop also send an e-mail notifying the ordered goods ence, the lack of any (when you send, etc), and the movement of total costs of goods and transport charges, expected the dates of posting.
The processing of orders received, mailed the next business day.
The packaging, billing and delivery confirmation after the working day begins.
Delivery and payment: the goods against the value and cost of transportation should be transferred in advance, transport is carried out by GLS or TNT Express
The shipping fee to be paid, the GLS or TNT Express on current pricing
The delivery time job is done, it is reasonable to provide an address where they can take over the packet at this time.
You pay at the company's premises: the customer orders delivered via the Internet, after the order visszagazolását, after prior consultation, either in person or by proxy gain (under Püspökladány Jókai utca 47 sz.).
In this case, invoice payment, the payment of the purchase price upon receipt on the spot.
The online store is not operates as a general store, there is no opening hours, but after prior consultation by phone or email you the possibility to purchase personal purchase only possible by appointment.
Comments and complaints in connection with the shipment: If you have any injuries, experiencing difference, the carrier is obliged to request from your report drawn up on the spot. In such cases and any other observations (eg between. Differential is invoiced and delivered items, damaged goods, undamaged packaging etc) please let us know within 2 working days of receipt of the goods email address.
the right to purchase for cancellation, the buyer of the goods prior to dispatch (the period between the order and mailed the package), sent a letter email address, may withdraw from the purchase without giving a reason. Posted expected time, each time we send an e-mail.
The 17/1999. (II.5.) Government Decree, it may cancel the order established by the contract without giving any reason to accept the goods after 14 days as well.
for exercising the right of withdrawal costs incurred in connection with the return of the goods shall be borne by the customer (postage).
Please do not send the package back to port and loaded on delivery package, because we can not take them.
In this case the full purchase price paid by you, will be refunded at the latest within 30 days after the return of the goods.
Warranty ,All purchases have a 30 days money back return policy, plus a 60 days DIGITALICSHOP warranty against any manufacturing defects.
This warranty shall not apply to any item where defects have been caused by improper customer assembly, 
failure by customer to follow instructions, product modification , negligent or improper operation.
The webshop claim returned goods within the framework of the right of withdrawal, compensation for damages resulting from improper use of the purchaser.
The returned goods the customer is sent a bill enclose the product.
Replacing the goods: to inform our customers that due to the failure webshop reasonable exchange (eg fractures due to improper packaging, incorrect exchange of goods, etc.) The cost of delivering full loads us, otherwise borne by the purchaser. During the replacement of the returned goods to the buyer attach an invoice is sent to the product.
We can take back the goods and other goods exchanged within 14 calendar days
Privacy Statement:
The webshop pay particular attention to the use, storage of customers' personal data and therefore management of customer data in each case in accordance with the legal provisions in force (1992. LXIII. Tv. And CVIII. Tv. 2001 tv privacy.).
Personal data refers to any information by which you can be identified (name, mailing address, email, phone number).
Your data will not be disclosed to third parties, except the delivery address, the transportation firm. The Hungarian Post delivery is not entitled to preserve data in any way, use or other persons to pass.
Orders and goods, to Hungary, HUF-based accounting accept and fulfill.
Using this webshop you agree to these terms and conditions and privacy permits you to use based on the data described here.
Contact: If you have any questions or a complaint would be glad to help your disposal the e-mail address or phone number 0670/3661300.
As mentioned above, the agreement concluded written contract qualifies. Only available in Hungarian. The contract will be filed separately, the only webshop system electronically in the preservation of the period specified by the operator.
Thank you for reading through the instructions given to the purchase.
We wish you a good time and all of our internet users buying online store.
Enjoying their customers' use of our products.
Thank you for your interests.
Lajos Katona